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2013 Impact Soccer Survey - Help Us Improve

Dear Impact Soccer Club Membership,

Here at Impact Soccer Club, we’ve kicked it up a notch with our new website with improved communication capabilities, multiple tournaments, increased referee training, and many other changes.  

But we're already planning for 2014. And, as always, we hope you'll continue to help us shape, evolve, and improve the Impact Soccer Club experience. Those of you who attended the Annual General Membership meeting in January already have an idea of what's in store.

With the annual Impact Soccer Club Survey, we asked you, our members, to rate your experience. We are happy to see that the majority of respondents felt our club was a positive experience for themselves and for their player.

For those who have concerns, we'd like to welcome you to visit our Club office at 415 Beatrice Ct. Suite D (near Sunset Park).  Office hours are Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, 1-5 and Wednesday mornings 9-1.  

We don't see this survey as some marketing project. We use the feedback to make real changes. We are listening.   Just look what's happening in 2014.

Take the
2013 Impact Soccer Survey.

Impact Soccer Club Board of Directors