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Jose "Neto" Corona passed away on February 25, 2012, after a long battle with cancer, just 16 years old. As forward on the U17 Impact 94 Boys team, Neto was considered one of the best young soccer players in our Club.

He was instrumental in his team's many successes in CYSA, NorCal, and at the NHB Cup in southern California. Neto was named All-Legaue Offensive Player of the Year as a Freshman on Liberty High School's Varsity Soccer team. He was well-respected for his ball skills and for his absolute passion on the field with a "never-give-up" attitude. Because of his passion for playing, when offered the choice of submitting to treatment that might prolong his life but would make him too sick to play, Neto chose soccer instead.

He was a much-beloved member of the team, our Club, and our soccer community. Neto was an inspiration to many and will always be remembered and greatly missed.


Financial assistance is made possible in part by the generosity of Impact Soccer Club members, local individuals, families, and businesses. All donations will only be used for financial aid grants to qualified families. Even if you cannot donate at this time, take some time to see if your employer has a local community support/sponsorship program where they may be able to make a donation to our financial aid fund.

Please make checks payable to Neto's Fund.
The federal tax is 94-2607690.

Your cancelled check will serve as your receipt. If you need something additional for tax purposes please let us know and we will provide you with a letter acknowledging your donation.

Financial Aid Program (Neto’s Fund)

Considered one of the best young Impact soccer players, Neto was well-respected by coaches and other players for his amazing soccer skills and his absolute passion on the field. He chose to spend his last years of his life playing soccer with his team rather than have debilitating cancer treatment with little hope of being cured. He was a much-beloved member of the team, our Club, and the Brentwood/Oakley soccer community. We continue Neto's legacy of dedication to the sport by supporting financially disadvantaged youth in pursuit to excel at and love the game as he did.

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Soccer can be an expensive sport to participate in, especially for families with multiple children playing and for those on competitive travel teams. The Impact Soccer Club has the Jose "Neto" Corona Financial Aid Program (Neto's Fund) in place to help families in need meet the costs of playing soccer to honor the memory of Neto for his dedication to the sport and to our Club.

Assistance is available for youth players in all programs. Please note: Qualification criteria is not are guidelines, final decisions on awards are made by the Board of Directors based on recommendations from the Neto's Fund Committee and availability of funds. We encourage all families who feel they need some assistance with soccer costs to apply.

* * *

CRITERIA - Parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of qualifying Impact Soccer players may apply for Neto's Fund.

Player's account MUST not have any past due balances from either previous years or from current year.

Player must register for current year and pay an initial deposit of $150 (u8-u11), $175 (u12-U19), or $185 (NPL) prior to their application being considered.

Balance of fees must be paid by:

Automatic online payment plans having automatic monthly deductions from a credit/debit card.

Families not able to make credit/debit card payments MUST provide the initial deposit PLUS no more than four (4) pre-written checks to be deposited by the Club on future dates as agreed to by Impact Treasurer.

Application MUST be submitted with PROOF OF EARNINGS. Proof of earnings may include:

the most recent signed copy of Federal Income Tax filing, or

current paycheck stub(s), or

unemployment or disability verification, etc.

The Neto's Fund Committee will consider all applications properly submitted. All awards are subject to Impact Board approval and availability of funds. Notification will be made to the applicant within 30 days of receipt of application WITH ALL supporting documents.

Award approval does not guarantee full payment of a player's registration fees. Impact Soccer Club Neto's Fund is a limited award fund. Award amounts will be determined by the number of applicants and available fund totals.

Neto's Fund awards are needs-based, per total family income. Additional hardship and merits are considered:

Recent hospitalization or major illness of primary wage earner

Player performance/potential

Years with club

Financial aid awards are applied towards registration fees only. Uniform costs, tournament fees, or other expenses are not eligible.

VOLUNTEER HOURS REQUIRED - Neto's Fund recipient families must provide ten (10) hours of volunteer service to the club, per player awarded. Volunteer hours must be verified by the Impact Volunteer Coordinator or representative Board Member. Team functions such as fundraising, team parties, carrying the team benches, etc. DO NOT count.

Upon approval of Neto's Fund award, an amount equal to one-half of the award will be credited to the player's payment account immediately. The 2nd half of the award will be credited to the player's account AFTER completion of ten volunteer hours are verified.

All financial aid requests will be held in the strictest of confidence by the Impact - Neto's Fund Committee and the Impact Board of Directors.