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IMPACT 07B Sharks are NorCal State Cup Silver Level Champions!

By Stephanie Dourgarian, 12/18/19, 1:30PM PST


I want to tell you a story about the NorCal State Cup Silver Level Championship, so put your seat belt on and hold tight! Around these parts this wild bunch of soccer players are called the Sharks – aka the “cardiac kids”! This is a team of destiny, and just like destiny, you don’t mess around with the Sharks.This game featured a showdown of the best of the best. After 9 State Cup games, there were only 2 teams left standing. The game had the feel of a classic western showdown at high noon!


Kickoff was at an early 8:30am, and the Sharks started out a little slowly. Our defense was holding its own and playing very well. Merced was able to sneak a goal in and the Sharks were down, 1-0.


This goal scored on us may have been just what the Sharks needed, because as we got to halftime, you could see the new fire and urgency the Sharks displayed. A very intense second half ensues…and all of a sudden, a great cross from our striker and our winger is there with a slide and ....GOAL!!!! We end regulation tied 1-1, so there are two 5 minute extra time periods added. Still tied 1-1, so we are going to penalty kicks for the 3rd time in the last 7 games. History must be on our side, right?


After we have made 2 of 3 PK’s and they have made 1 of 3 PK’s, Merced lines up for their 4th PK and....our goalie blocks it! Our 4th pk was one of those take your breath away shots that you can’t watch but you have to watch and as you do watch it and hits the back of the net…let’s just say the celebration was loud! So many emotions – excitement, relief, joy – it was an amazing and incredible experience. This team was only assembled 14 months ago and the rapport and respect for one another is nothing short of remarkable. One of my favorite moments on Sunday was something that was said before the game started. My son Chance told the boys that if you had butterflies in your stomach and were nervous, it was ok, because it means you care. I said that same thing to Chance before his first soccer game when he was 6 years old. 


That is what it’s all about right? The memories that happen and the dreams that come to fruition from determination and a strong will to succeed and win.

The Impact 07b Sharks are NorCal State Cup Silver Level Champions!!


Coach Matt